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”La Caixa” Foundation computing rooms at the centres for the elderly inaugurate a new year

Barcelona, 7 October 2002

The computing rooms at the centres for the elderly of the Social Welfare Ministries in agreement with ”la Caixa” Foundation, are returning to activity today following the summer break. The objective of the computing rooms is to become a vehicle for the elderly to learn the secrets of computing and to gain a secure and aware foothold in the world of the new technologies.

In this new round of activities at the computer rooms there are plans for courses on photography, sessions in which older persons can gain an introduction to picture processing by computer. Moreover, students also have a chance to work on the creation and editing of texts and pictures using computer programs, and to take part on a programme of chess courses by computer.

Also during this new year, the elderly will continue to have courses for gaining familiarity with the Windows environment, for learning to use the features of the Word word processor, for creating databases using the Excel application and finding out about information-search methods on the Internet using various browsers, as well as sending and receiving e-mail messages.

There are many objectives behind this activity, and it holds out great potential for the elderly. Computing is an instrument of information, communication and mental stimulus; it helps the elderly to retain independence, to establish relationships with others and to approach the younger generations.

Who can use the computing rooms?

The computing rooms are open to all users of the centres for the elderly. But all elderly people interested in the new technologies can take part in them.

The methodology combines teacher-led courses and individual, open use by the students. The syllabus consists of courses for beginners, improvers, Excel, printing publications and courses for the Governing Committees of the centres for the elderly.

”La Caixa” Foundation and its programme for the elderly

”La Caixa” Foundation organises a programme for the elderly with the objective of boosting the active role of the elderly in today’s society, providing a response to the new needs created. That the elderly should organise themselves to decide their own future, take part from the centres in internal and outside initiatives and help on volunteer projects are just some of the proposals of the programme for the elderly implemented throughout Spain by ”la Caixa” Foundation.


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