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Richard Rogers + Architects. From the house to the city

Madrid, 8 July 2009

“The last humanist”. This is how Richard Rogers has been defined, in recognition of his belief in a civil society and in the relationship that exists between the built environment and social inclusion. After its display in Barcelona, ”la Caixa” Social and Cultural Outreach Projects presents in CaixaForum Madrid the “Richard Rogers + Architects. From the house to the city” exhibition, which illustrates Rogers’ fascination for the building as a machine and his interest in clear, transparent architecture which integrates public and private space. The display consists of a detailed survey — using a wide variety of materials — of the works of this British architect born in Florence in 1933, and will enable visitors to understand some of the constants in Richard Rogers’ work, such as his capacity to generate new public spaces and his use of high technology materials and innovative production methods to construct flexible, adaptable and efficient buildings. It also provides an insight into the architect’s fascination for transparency as a method to break with traditional hierarchies and his defence of sustainability and energy efficiency in architecture, as well as dedicating a space to his urban design proposals based on the compact city.


This exhibition arrives at a crucial moment in Richard Rogers’ professional career, as evidenced by the international recognition he has earned over the last few years. Spain, and more specifically Madrid, forms part of the recent itinerary followed by this prestigious architect, where Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport has become in one of the most avant-garde icons in the city and in a jewel of the contemporary town planning.


The exhibition Richard Rogers + Architects. From the house to the city can be seen in CaixaForum Madrid (Pº del Prado, 36) from 9 July to 18 October.


More information on Richard Rogers projects:

National Assembly for Wales film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvI14-voXfY

Oxley Woods timelapse construction film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUGSz4m6VO8


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