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”la Caixa” Social Outreach Programmes presents the CaixaForum Palma programme for this season

Balearic Islands, 28 September 2010

”la Caixa” Social Outreach Programmes introduces the CaixaForum Palma programme for 2010-2011, which will be launched in October with the inauguration of the exhibition Un món flotant. Fotografies de Jacques Henri Lartigue (A floating world. Photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue, 1894-1986), the first major individual show of the work of one of the crucial names of 20th century photography.


The next exhibition will be devoted to one of the directors who has shaped the modern cinema: Federico Fellini. It will reveal the mechanisms of the creation of the Fellini legend from photographs, drawings and films which have never been shown before.


Meanwhile, NOMBR3S de bona família. La seva utilitat en la vida quotidiana (NUMB3RS from a good family. Their use in everyday life) will be the scientific event at CaixaForum Palma next year. The exhibition will analyse the process of the invention of numbers, the different typologies and their importance.


”la Caixa” Social Outreach Programmes will also be organising two exhibitions with social themes. The first, Cambodja, terra d’esperança (Cambodia, land of hope), reflects the everyday life of the Cambodian people from images by the photographer Gervasio Sánchez. The second, Comerç Just. Un producte, una història (Fair Trade. A product, a story), recounts the process of preparing and commercialising the products, and reflects on responsible consumption and the producers’ quality of life.


The 2010-2011 programme will end with an exceptional exhibition of 16th and 17th century Italian drawings and engravings from the Rothschild Collection. The selection belongs to the Louvre Museum and can be seen for the first time at CaixaForum Palma as part of the agreement between the two institutions to organise joint exhibitions.


More information in the PDF press release

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