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Omer Fast. Video Installations: The Casting and Nostalgia. Contemporary Art Collection. CaixaForum Barcelona

Barcelona, 16 March 2011

“I don’t deal directly with reality, but with representations and stories.” In his work, Omer Fast (Israel, 1972), one of the most outstanding video artists of recent years, explores the authenticity behind stories that are told by “documentalising” fiction and introducing real experience into it.

For the first time in Barcelona, ”la Caixa” Foundation presents two of Fast’s latest pieces, The Casting and Nostalgia. Both are emotionally intense productions with complex narrative structures and intriguing scripts that establish ambiguous relations with reality. Moreover, though their representation is shaped by the logic of fiction, they are both based on memories of events marked by violence, pain and loss. The exhibition will remain open at CaixaForum Barcelona until May as part of a brief season organised by ”la Caixa” Foundation to present some of the latest additions to the Contemporary Art Collection, video installations that share in common their use of film and documentary forms. Nostalgia, which was acquired last year, is shown alongside another of Omer Fast’s most outstanding works, The Casting, loaned by the artist to CaixaForum especially for this exhibition. This season of presentations of video installations recently acquired by the Contemporary Art Collection will continue in June with an exhibition devoted to works by Pierre Huyghe.

The exhibition Omer Fast. Video Installations: The Casting and Nostalgia. Contemporary Art Collection, curated by Nimfa Bisbe, at CaixaForum Barcelona only, from 16 March to 29 May 2011.



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