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Georges Méliès. The Magic of Film. CaixaForum Barcelona

Barcelona, 4 April 2013

Films have the power to capture dreams.Georges Méliès (1861-1938) introduced magic and fiction to film during the early days of cinema, when the new art form was devoted practically entirely to the documentary. The French film-maker made an absolutely essential contribution to the Seventh Art. He was a draftsman, magician, theatre director, actor, set designer and technician, as well as producing, directing and distributing more than 500 films from 1896 to 1912. Méliès was the undisputed master of the fantasy genre and cinematic trick effects for nearly twenty years, before he fell into the oblivion and financial ruin that led him to destroy the negatives of all his films.

”la Caixa” Foundation presents Georges Méliès. The Magic of Film, the first major retrospective to be devoted in our country to cinema’s first illusionist. The exhibition explores Méliès’ cultural and aesthetic roots and the origins of his techniques through some 400 pieces: films, photographs, drawings, posters, original equipment from the period, costumes, models and documentation. The 21 films that will be shown include, outstandingly, A Trip to the Moon (1902).

The exhibition was organised in cooperation with the Cinémathèque française, which conserves the world’s largest collection of objects related to Méliès. Georges Méliès. The Magic of Film will be complemented by a large new programme of parallel activities, including screenings of films accompanied by live music and hands-on sessions at which visitors can make their own films, taking their inspiration from the tricks devised by this master of the Seventh Art.

Georges Méliès. The Magic of Film can be on view at CaixaForum Barcelona from 5 April to 24 June 2013.



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