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”la Caixa” Banking Foundation to invest more than 2,000 million euros in social initiatives over the next four years

Madrid, 4 April 2016

The new Strategic Plan 2016-2019 launched by ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation clearly reflects the organisation’s commitment to increasing the annual budget devoted to social programmes. This budget will reach a total of 2,060 million euros over the next four years.

The activities promoted by the Foundation will revolve around three main strategic lines of action: social outreach; research; and culture and education.

The organisation will continue to focus efforts on social programmes that can achieve transformation, prioritising lines of action aimed at covering the basic needs of the most vulnerable groups and promoting equal opportunities.

”la Caixa” Foundation will also increase its support for research, tripling the budget devoted to this field of activity to 90 million euros in 2019. Another of the challenges that the new Strategic Plan seeks to meet is that of maintaining excellence in culture and education.

“The new Strategic Plan will be the compass that guides our action over the next four years, with the social, scientific, cultural and educational fields as the cardinal points. The guidelines described in the Plan make it clear that social outreach is and will continue to be the very soul of ”la Caixa”, said Isidro Fainé, president of ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation.

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