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Pharaoh: King of Egypt. CaixaForum Madrid

Madrid, 16 October 2018

Ra, the sun god, placed the king in the land of the living for eternity and for all time to judge men, to please the gods, to create maat (truth) and to destroy evil (from the Temple of Luxor)

The pharaohs, rulers of the Two Lands, were responsible for protecting Egypt against its enemies and ensuring the order of the universe. They governed Egypt from approximately 3000 BC until the Roman conquest in 30 BC. The images and objects that have survived from Ancient Egypt cast light on the reality of an empire that has fascinated people throughout history.

Pharaoh: King of Egypt is a new exhibition organised by ”la Caixa” Foundation in collaboration with the British Museum. The show explores the symbolism, ideals and ideology of Egyptian kingship through 164 objects selected to uncover the realities of this ancient civilisation. These outstanding pieces include fine gold jewellery, monumental statues and superb carved reliefs from the temples and together they allow visitors to learn more about royal life and power in Ancient Egypt.

Pharaoh: King of Egypt. Dates: From 16 October 2018 to January 20, 2019. Place: CaixaForum Madrid (Paseo del Prado, 36).

More information in the PDF press release

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