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CosmoCaixa reveals the crucial importance of the Sun to our very existence

Barcelona, 22 March 2022

  • The exhibition The Sun: Living With Our Star enables visitors to discover the secrets of the Sun as it explores humanity’s changing relationship with our nearest star. Technology has now replaced some of the functions historically performed by the Sun (which was considered a deity by ancient civilisations), such as its use for measuring time. However, understanding and harnessing the Sun’s enormous power may be key to our future.
  • ”la Caixa” Foundation’s science museum in Barcelona presents this show, produced in cooperation with the Science Museum of London and seen for the first time outside the United Kingdom, from today until October.
  • Alongside more than 100 historical and contemporary pieces of great scientific importance, including ancient instruments used for observing the Sun, a prototype of a nuclear fusion reactor and images of observations from the 17th century, the exhibition also includes a number of enthralling interactive and augmented reality experiences.

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