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CaixaForum Madrid reveals the lives of six Egyptian mummies

Madrid, 14 July 2022

  • In a new collaboration with the British Museum, the exhibition Mummies of Egypt: Rediscovering six lives illustrates the hidden history behind six ancient Egyptian mummies and provides an insight into how people lived and died along the Nile Valley between 800 BC and 100 AD.
  • The show explores the identity of these six individuals who lived in ancient Egypt thanks to new discoveries made by state-of-the-art, non-invasive technology, virtually unwrapping their fragile remains.
  • Focusing on an official, two priests, a married woman, a young boy and a young Greco-Roman man, the exhibition illustrates the processes of mummification, the ancient Egyptians’ view of death, and the concept of afterlife in this ancient civilisation.

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CaixaForum Madrid’s rendezvous with cinema’s greatest spies