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CaixaForum Madrid prints the future in the PRINT3D exhibition

Madrid, 7 February 2023

  • The Reprinting reality exhibition, which will remain in the centre until the end of May, invites you to travel into the future and enables you to delve into this fast, simple, economical and versatile technology which has a long way to go.
  • For over 30 years now, 3D printers have been opening up a new world of possibilities which were hitherto unthinkable. With a good idea, a computer and printing material, these printers have begun to open new doors in such fields as health, art and architecture.
  • The exhibition allows you to explore the impact of 3D printing on our society, as well as to wonder how much it will transform our everyday life and what its increasingly widespread use will mean for today’s productive system. This is a transformation which, without doubt, will motivate the reformulation of fundamental concepts such as authorship, production and accessibility. Are we facing an authentic technological revolution?

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